It’s thought that 82% of young people want to start their own business. More and more people are dreaming of avoiding traditional employment to startup on their own. The internet makes having your own business much more likely, and the appeal of working for yourself can be strong. And, it’s not just young people. Older workers who have had jobs in the same industry for years and years are suddenly looking to start their own firm. They can see how things are done, and mistakes that are made and they want to have a go at doing it on their own. Others still have just had enough of working for someone else. They want to work on their own to give themselves greater flexibility and control over their working life. They love the idea of starting something that’s theirs and turning it into a success, and there’s nothing to stop them.

Starting a business is much easier than it used to be. But, there is still a lot to think about and do before you launch. The worst thing that you could do is start up without doing your research and getting into trouble legally, or finding your business fails. Here are a few of the things that you may not have thought about.



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When you move to a new house or buy a new car, one of the first things you do is insure it. Yet, it’s something that many small business owners fail to think about until after they have launched. Insurance is absolutely imperative to any business. Even if you are working from home, you’ll want to take out business insurance from to protect your work as well as your home.



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Another thing many people fail to think about until after launch is marketing. They start, get no customers, then start to think about a marketing strategy. Do it the other way around, and you could have people coming through your doors or clicking on your website straight away. Launch a landing page and start collecting emails, create social media profiles for your business and start building a following. Boost excitement by teasing products and adding a countdown to opening day. It can also be a good idea to promote yourself offline with flyers, posters and advertisements.



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Perhaps the most important thing to do before your launch is research. Don’t just jump in without looking at your target market and the competition. Without the right research, you can find yourself wasting time and money in the first few months after launch.

Start by making a detailed business plan. Make sure you know your business inside out. Think about who your target customer is, and get to know them too, make sure you know how to engage with them and get them to your business. Then, look at your competition. Think about what’s working for them, what isn’t, their advertising campaigns and products. Take a good look at what you could do better. This research will help you to advertise in the right way, choose the right location, get your price points right and much more. Give it all of your focus and take your time to get it right.