With any business transaction, selling is the hard bit. This is where you have to turn any customer from a possibility into a sure deal. Hence why so many of us focus on the selling process and worry about store presentation. We do everything it takes to get our customers to agree to buy.

But, sometimes, even customers who seem like a sure thing change their minds at the last minute. You only have to look in the aisles of a supermarket to see how many purchases get dumped before the deal is done. And, you can rest assured all companies fall foul to similar problems. No matter how well you sale, you just can’t quite get the thing finished.

There are a few different reasons for this happening. It’s important to accept, from the off, that customers may change their minds. It happens, and nothing you do can change that. Often, though, there’s more to this issue. If they make it to the till before pulling out, there may be other issues at play. And, these you can change. To help you do that, let’s look at what these problems may consist of.

The queues are too long


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No one likes a long queue. If you’ve managed to push and shove your products into uncertain hands, they’re sure to lose grip at the sight of a massive line. Even those who are desperate for your products may go elsewhere after waiting for a long time. We’re all busy, and no one has time for that kind of thing. Which is why you need to get organized in this area. Take inspiration from other companies, who use queue monitoring technology to help them predict how many tills to open. If you don’t want to splash out, you could always study patterns, and predict busy periods.

The tills are awful

Awful tills are another big turn off. It’s tough for even the most dedicated customer to stick around if your till makes mistakes. It’s even worse if it breaks down after every transaction. Equally, tills which fail to account for special offers and discounts could cost you a lot in unhappy custom. Make sure it doesn’t happen by turning to IT support companies like Kosh Solutions, who provide point of sale systems such as NCR. As well as being reliable options, a support company can ensure you never come up against issues.

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The service is shocking

Most important of all is the service offered. Every other issue mentioned can be overruled by fantastic customer service. But, if your staff aren’t knowledgeable, or even friendly, you’ll come up against problems. You’ll certainly struggle to get customers back again, and may even lose sales at the last minute this way. An obvious way around this would be taking care with employment. When it comes to your front of house team, make sure they’re a personable bunch. Make sure, too, to train them well when it comes to dealing with complaints and such.