Every business needs someone at the helm who knows how to sell their product or service. Beyond that, the need for leads means that marketing becomes a big part of any entrepreneur’s job. But how can you convert those leads into cash without the heavy hand of a hard sell? Here are just some of the secrets to success in sales when the pressure-tactic isn’t for you.

Don’t Corner Them – Have Them Come To You

It’s on their terms, so they feel comfortable that they’re in control of the meeting. Cold calling on the doorstep of a business or home is just unacceptable today. Unwanted emails are also going to do your professional reputation more harm than good. Instead, utilize trade shows and conferences. People are there because they’re interested in your sector. Effectively, they’re almost leads. Present the problem they have and show them the solution. Do that visually without having to drag them off the street!


Networking, conferences, trade shows and events – leads are everywhere! source

Inspire Confidence With Your Professionalism

Wear a visible ID with a company branded lanyard. They’re not that easy to make up from home, but this company can help you design and produce what you need. You’re an entrepreneur, so chances are you’re not personally handling individual sales. But you must still train your sales team effectively. Make it clear what your standards and rules are. Show them a pitch you would be happy to receive as one of your clients. Talk dress code, language, approach, and when to leave.

Make It Clear What The Protocol For Contact Is (And Stick To It)

Many inquirers back away the second you start demanding they hand over their personal data. Chances are they just want to make sure that you do what they need you to do for them. Why waste everybody’s time trying to collect data for a contact that will never become a lead?

Instead, chat a while and check that you’re both on the same page. Offer a quote if it’s required. Within that quote pack, detail the process of what will happen. It might include the number of days before you’ll phone or email. There should be a tick sheet where the lead can confirm which contact options are acceptable and when. Chances are they’ll actually take your call.

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Don’t hide figures or data from the customer – source

Don’t threaten to take away the deal. That just rubs a customer the wrong way, and they’ll still check around for competitors anyway. Instead, offer a price you’re willing to stick to for the next three months. This gives your lead time to check if they can raise the cash for a start, especially for high-value purchases. With business leads, it can take a fair amount of time to get a purchase order approved.

Any aggressive sales tactics will wind up going against you on review websites and social media. Helpful sales staff that have the answers immediately are often more likely to win the customer over. Even if you don’t make the sale that day, you’ll be remembered in a positive light for next time!