Whether you are planning to make your own jewelry or refurbish used furniture and sell it locally or online, you will need to create a work space. Instead of renting a workshop, you can easily turn a spare room, conservatory, or garage into a stunning work space on a budget. The atmosphere you create will determine your attitude, so it is important that you plan the design and focus on productivity when setting up your workshop. This article will provide a few helpful tips.

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Get Organized

It is important that you find everything you need to work. From raw materials to tools and decoration, you will have to create a space for everything. Open storage is generally best as it gives you easy access. You can get your hands on some Gondola Shelving that will save space and be suitable for display and storage purposes as well.  


Your home workshop needs to reflect your style,personality, and help you get creative every day. From painting the walls unique colors to adding inspirational quotes and decorative items – there are plenty of ways of personalizing your work space. Pay attention to the workshop lighting you use; some fixtures can look too commercial. However, you can find stylish designs that will serve your needs and can be adjusted according to how much light you need.

Safety First


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It is important that – if you need to use power tools – you keep everyone safe. Start with checking the fuses and electrical system to make sure that it can take the power needed for operating your machinery. Invest in protective clothing and goggles if you work with power tools, and get protective gloves if you work with wires, metal, or wood.

Keep the Kids Out

Even though you are working from home, you will have to create clear boundaries between your work space and your house. Keep the kids out of your workshop, no matter how interesting and creative your job is. They may not be able to understand the risks and could potentially injure themselves. You might install a code entry system to keep them safe and avoid getting distracted when you are focusing on your work.

Waste Management

While making money off your hobby might be your dream business, you should be prepared for some waste. No matter if you create custom cushion covers for order or jewelry, you must have an effective and sustainable waste management system in place. Recycle whatever you can, and reuse the cardboard boxes your supplies come in to send out orders to customers. If you have a lot of metal or plastic waste, you might need to sign up for a commercial waste removal service to keep your workshop tidy and organized.

Setting up your first workshop at home and starting your own business is an exciting opportunity. Make sure that you plan your space and organize your work space, so you have easy access to everything you need. Stay safe and keep the kids out. Remember that you can get creative without having to worry about risks of injuries.