Entrepreneurs. They don’t take no for an answer and they don’t know what failure is. Even if their first idea fails, they’ll pick up their business and try again. They’ll try and try and try until they hit a success home and they’re always willing to go the extra mile just to show the world how resilient they can be. Unfortunately, there’s a point where you can become too stubborn for your own good. Sadly, it’s had to tell when you’re being too stubborn or not –  especially if you’re a lone business owner that doesn’t have trusted employees who are capable of calling you out when necessary.


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If you want to grow your business and take it to the next level, you’ll need to balance being stubborn and accepting your losses. Become too stubborn and you could potentially cost you your business and your reputation. It’s important to identify when you need to back down, so here are a couple of ways to help you tame that resilience.

You refuse to accept outside help

No business in the world can be completely self-sufficient. At some point, you’ll need help. Whether you hire managed IT services to help organize your computer network, or if you speak to a lawyer for legal advice on how to protect your intellectual property, you’re forcing your business to work harder for no reason by refusing help. Make sure you look for people to assist your business or else you could suffer from long-term consequences of being in the dark and uneducated on how to operate your company.

You get angry when people don’t agree with you

Not everyone is out to argue with you because they don’t like you. Some people will show genuine concern for your business and as such, they will question your decisions. Most people that don’t care about your business will probably keep quiet about something questionable that you may propose. Knowing this, if there is someone in your business that does show concern by offering alternatives to your choices, don’t swat their suggestion away. Listen to them, hear them out and decide after if their idea is good or not.

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You lie to others about their feedback

Do you actually listen to the feedback provided by employees, or do you simply agree so they’ll stop talking and just do your own thing? Not only is it a waste of time to pretend to care, but you’re disrespecting your employees by agreeing with them and then doing something completely different. If you truly believe that their feedback is pointless, then you should tell them why. Otherwise, listen and consider their suggestions or comments.

Final words

Stubbornness is a negative trait that entrepreneurs need in order to survive in the harsh world of business. However, don’t let it get to your head. Make sure you take a step back and analyze what you do to identify if you’re being too stubborn for your own good..