Your office atmosphere dictates a lot of things: employee happiness, productivity and how long someone is willing to stay around to get things done. We don’t want our employees to work unpaid overtime and we definitely don’t want them to work in an environment they can’t stand. It’s bad for them and it’s bad for us at the same time.



Hire Talent and Cultivate it

This is more of an intrinsic value, but you want people who are skilled in their profession who also pull their weight around the office at all times. You’ll have to let bad hires go if you feel you have any. Worrying over their use of office time and being on the payroll isn’t going to do you any favors in the long run.

The atmosphere can be lifted whenever a new and friendly person walks through the door as older employees like to show off and teach them the ropes. It makes the office a much nicer place. When your new hire works well among the co-workers and brings in new ideas, all your worrying and hard work is going to pay off.

Keep it Bright and Soft

Lighting is so important when it comes to working. Natural light keeps us awake and our bodies like to follow the movement of the sun; it’s innate and we just can’t help feeling tired when the sun goes down.

If the incorporation of natural light at all hours isn’t possible in your 9 to 5, such as during the winter months, make sure you can simulate it well with your office lighting indoors. People feel so much better when it’s sunny outside, and their mind isn’t constantly on how slowly the clock is going.

Use light bulbs that have a blue glow to them as this has been proven to reduce tiredness. Keep your blinds open when the sun is shining outside and let people look out of the window when they’re at their desks.

Feel too Stuffy or Freezing Indoors?

Maybe you’re sitting there and sweating in your chair for the fifth week in a row. Maybe you’re shivering your skin off even though you’re wrapped up in ten layers of coats and scarves. Either way, you probably need better ventilation and insulation in your building.

Not only does it make the building a lot safer for physical health as colds and flu can be very easily passed around in this kind of poor atmosphere, but it also makes it horrible to work in. No one can focus properly and higher levels of absenteeism are going to plague your records. So you’re going to need to contact a commercial hvac service and the rest is simple! Let them handle the maintenance, leaving you to concentrate on running your business properly.