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The idea that simplicity is a secret to success has been kicking around for some time now, probably since Einstein put his two pennies out there. But it’s pretty safe to say the modern day pioneers of simplicity are Apple. It’s what we all strive for or., at least, should be striving for.

The problem is, most entrepreneurs like to pride themselves on their originality, intelligence and problem-solving skills, and the reason this is a problem is that they often overlook the simplest solution or the obvious choice.

It doesn’t matter whether your business offers a service or makes a product, most of us are guilty of over-complicating what we do for no real reason. It could be complicated spreadsheets, unnecessary industry jargon, long-term business plans or a product we’re hoping will break the mold. All of these are common issues and all of them fail in comparison to simplicity, and here is why:

  1. If It’s Simple, Everyone Understands It

The best thing about simplicity is there is very little room for confusion. You’re able to explain easily, your team members are able to understand it quickly, designers can mock it up without difficulty and your salespeople will be able to do their job efficiently. Now compare this to something complicated. To put it simply: the more complicated it is, the more chance there is the message will be lost, mistakes will be made, costs will go up and sales will fall. It really is that simple.

  1. Everyone Will Buy Into it

With simplicity comes clarity, and that will help convince people to buy into an idea more than anything else. We’re not just talking about the consumers you want to snap up; we’re talking about everyone for which you work. People are more likely to rally behind something if they understand it better. It’s what fills people with confidence. Not only this, but it makes your overall brand a lot easier to get on board with too.

  1. Simple Ideas Are Better Value

When you think of a writing pen, you think of a plastic tube containing a straight cartridge of ink. It’s so simple that it can’t be improved any more. But then we found someone who had improved it simply by making the ink cartridge a coil shape to allow more ink to be stored. Genius. Of course, it’s not just pens. Cellular beams, like those made by, have transformed the construction industry by making their beams simple, and thus stronger, cheaper and easier to replicate, while Apple did the same with their products, not just making them more timeless and aesthetically pleasing, but easier to manufacture too.

  1. Simplicity Is So Much Easier To Measure

It’s not just products that can do with simplification, it’s strategies and processes too. This is because overly complex strategies are a lot harder to introduce and they make it more difficult to gauge results. What sets successful companies apart from the rest is their straightforward mission and simplistic ways of measuring where they are to stay on track.