Cash, money, and dollars! They are the bottom line in business whether we like it or not. If something is costing us, it needs to be effective. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, and many business owners throw money down the drain on things that are redundant and neglect to pay for things that could make all the difference to their success. Luckily, you can find out more about smart and not-so-intelligent spending decisions below.


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Don’t spend on business lunches.

Back in the old days, it may have been acceptable to spend a fortune on lavish lunches where you could schmooze your clients. However, this is a practice that is dying out now.

The reason business lunches like that are no longer popular is that not only do they cost a fortune, but they are seen as being in poor taste. After all, everyone is looking for a bargain for their company. Throwing money around in a frivolous fashion suggests that you may not be focused on providing value.

Spend on specialized marketing.

A cost in stark contrast to the excess of business lunches is specialized marketing. This service is often regarded as excellent value for money by company owners as it generates incoming business.A specialized approach like the services offered by ONE400 – Law Firm Marketing is valuable because it is matched to the type of industry that you are working in and the particular type of customer your business is trying to attract.

This is a more effective form of marketing and means that each impression is much more likely to likely to be seen by your demographic. Therefore, spending money on this service is a way you can attract the right people to purchase your product or service and keep your business generating profits.

Don’t spend on IT equipment.

Now, as most businesses relying heavily on IT day in and day out it, coming across advice that tells you not to spend money on hardware can be a bit baffling. However, it’s important to hear me out before you dismiss this point.

IT equipment and hardware can cost a lot of money. Combine this with the fact that it quickly goes out of date as well, and you can see why buying it is not the best investment to make.

Instead, why not consider leasing IT equipment for your business. Then when a new model comes out and makes what you are using redundant, all you need to do is contact the rental company for an upgrade rather than spending money to invest in a whole new system.

Do spend on automation software.

However, something related to IT that you should invest in to maximize profits is automation software.This type of software helps you streamline tasks and reduces the need for them to be done manually. This is an investment that can cut your overhead and ensure that your profits are consistently growing rather than being eaten up.