Any entrepreneur wants their business machine to run smooth. Hence, they take time building each part. It’s the best chance of ensuring everything works the way it should. But, even once you’ve built your business, it’s not unusual for a spanner to get into the works as you expand.

In some cases, this is due to teething problems. Once everything’s up and running, the parts you thought worked well may encounter difficulties. Or, issues may arise for other reasons. Perhaps you didn’t foresee a particular part of the business, or you’re spending more money in one area than intended.

Whatever the cause, a spanner in the works could soon spell curtains. The good news is, spotting and removing an issue like this in time could lead your business out of crisis. So, it’s important to act the moment you notice things aren’t right. But, what should you do if you think there’s a problem?


First, diagnose where the issue is. It may be a problem in your production line, a hole in your profits, or even lost custom somewhere down the line. All of which can lead you to lost money. And, when that happens, your business will soon suffer for it. So, if you get wind of any rumbles down the line, it’s crucial you take a closer look. Observe every aspect of the company, and make notes on each. Then, sit down with your paperwork and distinguish which is causing the backup. In extreme cases, you may even find that a few things are working against you. But, it’s better to spot these issues now, hence why you should look at business as a whole. Make notes on any problems, and decide which you should address first.


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Who can fix it?

The good news is, there are usually fixes for any spanners you may find. All you need to do is work out who holds the answers. It may be that training courses could improve matters. Or, perhaps you need to hire machinery to enhance production. You may even have to call on the services of a company like Intersource Consulting Group who can manage your finances for you. Either way, it’s vital you remove the spanner. Whether you do it yourself or get someone else in for the job, act fast to save your company.

How can you avoid this in the future?

Once all is well again, you need to decide how you can stop this happening in the future. After all, prevention is better than cure here. Even a removed spanner can leave some damage to your company cogs. So, stop it from happening at all by putting a plan in place. That may mean paying monthly for the services of a firm who can manage your finances. It may even mean regular training sessions for your staff members. Either way, developing a continuity plan here is likely your best bet. That way, there won’t be a chance for this issue to arise again.