An e-commerce store gives offers a wonderful opportunity for individuals to go into business for themselves. However, now that it’s so much easier to do, it’s become less of a novelty. There are e-commerce stores for practically everything. Some people make a living trading, or buying items in bulk at a wholesale price before selling them. Others start an online store to sell their own products, often turning a hobby into a profitable career.

Heavier competition means that consumers expect more from an e-commerce store. As a result, it requires work to make yours stand out from the crowd. Here are four easy ways you can improve your online marketplace.

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Clean Up Your Designs

One of the first things that set professional websites apart is the design. You can tell within a few seconds if a website looks good. It makes sens that this is the first thing you need to improve. You don’t need to be a qualified web designer, but if your design skills aren’t great, you may want to hire someone to create a unique logo and web design for your company.

One mistake amateurs often make is getting carried away. Keep your website clear and simple, with plenty of white space to create a cleaner feel and let your products stand out.

Use Clear Branding

Another common mistake people make is not presenting themselves as a brand. If you sell products, you need to create a brand to be taken seriously. Once you’ve got a logo, come up with a color scheme and font to use on everything you do. Create a clear, cohesive brand by using these elements across all platforms.

Improve Your Photography


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Another obvious difference is photography. Professional shops take high-quality photos of their products and display them at every opportunity. A DSLR camera and professional lights can help, but when you are starting out, you can do a lot with your smartphone camera and a few props. You might want to invest in a hand mannequin to display your products in a professional manner.

Add Great Content

If your e-commerce store simply offers products and nothing else, it will look empty and you’ll have a hard time ranking in search engines. To complete your store, keep your readers interested and improve your SEO, add great content. Think about what your customers want to read and give it to them. You can film tutorials that offer advice and tips on how to use your products, for example.