When you’re starting a business, attention can either make or break what you’re doing. In this saturated market, failing to get all eyes on your product could stop you getting anywhere. It’ll undoubtedly see you struggling to break even. Given how touch and go things can be during those starting stages, that isn’t a reality you want to face.

That’s why it’s essential any new company focuses on starting marketing with a bang. This is the best chance you stand at creating attention and ensuring an audience. The trouble is that many new entrepreneurs cut corners with things like marketing. And, the impact of that decision is usually plain to see.


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To make sure you don’t meet the same fate, focus as much effort as possible on your marketing from here on out. To help you stand the best chance, we’re going to look at a few of the ways you can put a bang behind your efforts here.

Generate buzz

Generating pre-release buzz is an essential. Fail to do this, and your product is liable to flat line within months of going on the market. Instead, you need to make sure that you’re getting your product name everywhere ahead of d-day. That means getting high-profile endorsements where you can. You should also invest in pretty intensive marketing campaigns like posters. You may even find that it’s worth seeking loans for small businesses which can help you achieve as much coverage as possible. Even if you’re trying to cut start up costs, marketing isn’t something you can skimp on. The good news is that, if you do manage to generate enough buzz, you should be able to clear your debts in no time.

Use ALL the free outlets

If you do want to focus on growing your business to a budget, at least make use of as many free outlets as possible. There are now endless free social media which can work marketing wonders. By getting stuck into everything from Twitter to Snapchat, you could find yourself creating buzz without paying a penny. Bear in mind that the problem here is the number of people who see your stuff. In general, only your followers will see your marketing efforts here. Make sure that enough to get you through by posting regular and relevant content. You may also find interacting and making good use of hashtags is enough to make a bang here.

Let your launch seal the deal

Your marketing effort should be leading up to a launch which leaves an impression. Don’t make the mistake of shouting loud with marketing and then letting everything down at this last. Instead, focus on a launch party which lives up to the efforts you’ve put in thus far. This can also give your marketing efforts a short-term focus. That could see customers paying attention at least until your product enters the world. And, with a bit of luck, that’s attention which will keep coming your way after the main event.