When it comes to running a business that manufactures anything in any way, you’ve invested thousands in making sure you’ve got the right equipment, and there’s a good chance machines do most of the hard labor for you. Of course you have human operators on the factory floor as well, but you’ve probably thought once or twice to yourself if they’re truly essential. If machines are doing the labor, and any products are coming out the other side well refined and working better than ever before, how could human hands match up?

Well, the main reason these robots work so well is because of the human middleman there is to operate them. You’re always going to need employees to make sure your company is making money and doing something good for the community, so never underestimate anyone on your payroll. Let’s look at some of the reasons that make an employee so important in such a technology focused world.



Machines Can’t Manage Themselves

Even when you’ve got collaborative robots as a hefty portion of the workforce, you’re still going to need someone there to oversee them, to make sure they don’t malfunction, and that when they’re down they’re not down for too long. Employees save you much more money than what you need to pay them after all.

AI isn’t quite advanced enough yet to manage itself, and it’s nowhere near being able to perform its own repairs. And even if that technology did exist, you wouldn’t be able to afford it! Or even want it: the human brain can do some much better quick thinking when something goes wrong, and we’re naturally innovative for a reason! So you’re still going to need a manager on the factory or shop floor to oversee any other employees, as well as how well the machines are operating on the conveyor belts.

Machines Can’t Talk to Customers

Even though you’ve got an automated voice on the answering machine telling a customer you can’t be reached right now, that’s all an AI’s voice is good for in its current form. So you’re still going to need a human operator on the end of the phone to using friendly greetings and answer any queries about your company. There’s nothing that can impress like having enthusiasm.

An operator can do a good job of making sure any customer experience is tailor made for someone on the other end of the phone, as well as offer any apologies in case there’s a complaint coming through. And seeing as the customer is always thought of as right, only a human employee is going to be able to negotiate a tricky deal with someone who’s irrationally angry

The human middleman is incredibly important in the modern world because of everything a human can do, and there’s really no fear over whether or not machines are going to take all the jobs in the future. You’re safe and secure in your job; the workplace will always need you.