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One of the most challenging aspects of running a business is balancing your accounts. It’s no secret that the majority of new businesses fail, and often, a lack of cash is to blame. Simplifying and streamlining your finances can help make managing the books easier and reduce the risk of financial issues and obstacles. If you need help with your accounts, here are some top tips.


Outsourcing is a cost-effective means of making your business more efficient and ensuring that you and your team are able to focus on core tasks. If you outsource, you can save money on everything from IT support and accounting to social media marketing and cleaning by working with freelancers or external agencies. Once you’ve figured out an arrangement, you pay a set fee every month. This payment gives you access to skills and services, and you know exactly how much you’re spending, which makes budgeting stress-free and simple. Outsourcing can save you a huge amount of money compared to hiring employees, and it also enables you to benefit from skills that you don’t have on your staff. If you are thinking of outsourcing, choose tasks and jobs that don’t match the skill set of your team and those that detract from the fundamental running of the business.


If you’re still collecting receipts and printing invoices, now is the time to embrace technology and all the benefits it offers. Advances in technology and the introduction of software programs and apps that aid budgeting and bookkeeping can save you time, effort and money. Using apps and programs can also be a more accurate and precise way of monitoring your accounts, and it can also eliminate the need for additional employees.

Reducing overheads and expenses

Simplifying the way you work can improve efficiency, but it can also make maintaining a grip on your finances much easier. If you can iron out unnecessary processes and reduce spending, this will make life much less stressful when it comes to balancing the books. Consider measures like putting a cap on employee expenses, for example. If you’re used to getting individual expenses claims that range from $50 to $800 per month, this makes budgeting an almost impossible task. If you put a limit per employee, this will enable you to budget effectively, and to save a significant sum of money. Using technology is one of the best ways to cut expenses. Consider the cost savings you could achieve by replacing face to face meetings with video calls, for example. With this option, you don’t have to pay for transport or accommodation, and a single meeting will take up an hour or an afternoon, rather than a whole day or even 2 or 3 days.  

Managing the books is not always a simple task for business owners. If you struggle with accounting, or you think your business could be more efficient, simplifying and streamlining your finances is the way forward. Consider outsourcing, use technology to save time, money, and effort, and modify the way you work to reduce expenses and overhead.