You’ve heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder,” right? People seem to forget that it applies when you’re running a business just as much as it does in life in general. It’s common to feel as though the only way to create a successful business is to go by the book every step of the way.

The truth is that you don’t have to work that way.

Sure, you’re going to want to do things step by step as often as possible, but there are plenty of simple shortcuts you can take that will save you time and effort without sacrificing the quality of your business. Here are just a few ways to work smarter, not harder when running a business.

working on laptop

Building a website is one of those things that every business owner knows is important, but many simply don’t know where to start. Unless you’re willing to pay for a dedicated web designer in your business, the whole process can seem incredibly complicated. That’s where services like Wix or Squarespace come in. You can use them to create stylish, functional websites that your customers will want to visit without having to spend months learning how to code and program. Not only that, but these kinds of services are often surprisingly affordable.

Embrace social media for marketing

Social media is one of the most fascinating developments in recent history. It’s changed the way people communicate, the way we consume media and of course, the way in which businesses market themselves to customers. Using social media means that you can engage with customers in direct ways without having to pay for expensive marketing campaigns. It’s important to understand that social media is a numbers game and the number of followers you have can make a big difference for the online visibility of your business. That’s why services like can be so useful. That way you can get the boost that you need in order to help your business reach the maximum number of customers possible.

Outsource certain tasks


There is so much involved in running a business that it’s actually kind of ridiculous that you could be expected to manage every aspect of it by yourself. If you try, not only may your business suffer, but you could end up burning out entirely. That’s why outsourcing can be so useful. You save yourself a great deal of time and energy. At the same time, you can gain peace of mind knowing that those aspects of your business are in safe hands at all times.

Even though shortcuts can be useful, you do need to be careful. Taking too many shortcuts could potentially mean that you end up running a business that isn’t built on a strong foundation. If you try to cut corners too often, then your business may suffer. Remember there’s a big difference between being able to work more efficiently and simply not putting in the amount of effort that a successful business requires.