Keeping your employees happy is often cited as one of the best things to do in your business – and for good reason!  When it comes to celebrating their achievements at the end of the month, you should think about throwing everybody a party to have fun. And hey, you’re going to be the best boss of all. They will see you as someone who wants to get to know her employees on a personal level, reminding everyone that you’re all human working toward the same goal. Without further ado, here are some tips for throwing the best staff party:



Find a Good Time to Hold it

The date that you set for your staff party is going to be incredibly important as you and your staff already have prior commitments to attend in your own time. One of the main considerations to take into account is how busy the business is and whether or not know is the best time to hold a celebration.

Of course Christmas is always a popular time for anyone to want a party, but it may also the prime time for your business to make a lot of money. So instead, you could choose to skip December altogether and throw a party in January. When you’ve got an efficient money-making period out of the way, you’re going to really feel like you deserve to splash out on a party. Try to schedule it on a Friday or Saturday, whenever you’re not going to need to come into work the day after, as no one wants to have that hanging over them when they’re trying to let loose and have fun.

Make it Look Good

It’s no point just breaking out a tray of drinks in the office with no other kind of preparation on your side. If you don’t make your party environment look the part, it’s certainly not going to feel the part, and people won’t feel as upbeat as they could when they’re attending. Not to mention if you throw a party with a bad atmosphere one year, no one is going to want to attend any party you throw the next year.

Get some balloons blown up at the very least, and hang them all around the room. You can also get mood lighting and a smoke machine to help the empty space you’ve made feel more like a dance floor. Invest in vinyl banners that you can customize yourself to make sure that your brand name and the event you’re holding is prominently displayed in fine color. Don’t try to fit a big party in a small space; you can always find another location if you know the office equipment would get in the way of a good time.