Whether you’re a current business owner or somebody who has a creative flair with words, starting a blog is an effective online platform to get your message across to your target audience. At first it is going to take some time to set up and build your online profile, but there are ways in which you can stop wasting time. With just a handful of online tools and services you can get your blog up and running in a quick and slick way from the very beginning. All you need is to get yourself set up and you will soon be able to implement these methods and use them to your full advantage.

Clever With Customers

You have a solid picture in your head about who you are speaking to when you write your blog or post to your website, but it takes time to follow a potential client right through to the point of sale if you do it on an individual basis. You should consider customer onboarding as your next technique to save you a tonne of time. This process is automated and leads your target reader through every process of your website without you having to lift a finger.

Amazing Automation

How many times have you forgotten to post on social media to promote your new service or blog post? With social media scheduling tools you won’t need to think about posting at the right time or worry about forgetting to share your latest update. If you go on vacation this is an awesome idea to keep your presence going online too. Look online for some of the best scheduling apps for Twitter and Instagram and you will never look back.

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Great Guests

Guest posting on blogs is becoming increasingly popular. Not only does it open up opportunities to new bloggers to get their name out there, but it is a chance for you to save some time and take a break. Offer out a guest posting slot once every couple of weeks to your loyal blog followers. You will be doing a good deed for the blogging community and it will create some time in your schedule for that week, so you don’t need to product any new content.

Email Excellence

If you haven’t already started using email marketing and other emailing techniques to lure in your potential clients and readers, then you need to try it now. One sure fire way to save time and build your email list isn’t be scrolling through each individual’s page and noting down their address. All you need to do is offer some form of ‘free’ content, which requires the reader to enter their email address. You will soon build up a whole list of potential clients with very little effort.

Blogging takes enough time as it is, so explore all of your options when it comes to running a more time effective online platform. Open up your blog to guests, use customer onboarding and get your email marketing down; you will be saving hours of your time.