Social media can feel like a whole other universe when you are starting out in business. There are over a billion active users of social media. Thus, it makes sense that your business is on social media as there are plenty of global potential customers that can find and follow you. Much like the actual universe, the social media universe is changing and adapting. In fact, knowing that things will change is one of the only things that you can say for sure about social media. How can you use social media and those changes to the advantage of your business?

Here are some ways to keep your branding on point across your social media channels, to make sure that it is consistent and reliable:

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Use Brand Ambassadors

As a small business owner, you are unlikely to have a large following when you get started. That will grow over time. You can overcome this by using brand ambassadors, online influencers, to bring more voices into the conversation and get your brand name out there. According to this article,, brand ambassadors can promote your products and brands, give feedback on products or campaigns, and more.

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Manage Your Brand Identity

In order to have a consistent image or brand across your social channels, you should make sure that you’re able to manage your business identity from the start. Being visually compliant and consistent across all channels is key to remaining on-brand and compliant. A platform like can help as it can empower global businesses to protect their visual identity and allow you to take control of large-scale brand management.

Get Mobile Purchasing

Over recent years, social media has made it easier for customers to buy something straight from platforms such as your Instagram feed. With tagging features, swipe up in story features, as well as links, it can be easier than ever to get customers to buy. So if you’re not already doing so, then it is something to begin implementing. You’ll surely be missing a trick if you don’t take advantage of it. Your customers are on their mobile devices if they are on social media. Make it easy for them to buy from you; converting a follow into a sale means your social media is working for you..