Being able to run your business from home is something that many people dream of doing. It allows you to work in an environment in which you’re comfortable, all while being there to take care of any other commitments you may have like children or pets. However, if you let things slide a little, they could be holding you back from running a successful business. Here are some things that could be holding  your home business back from growing and what you can do to fix them.



One of the biggest keys to success in any business is organization. When you’re working alone and from home, it can be easy to think that you are doing just fine. You need to be scheduling time for each individual task so that you can stay on track and so you don’t forget to do something important. Be sure to create a system where you can tick off your completed tasks and swiftly move onto the next one. You will thank yourself in the long run and also notice that you’re much more productive.

Costs for supplies

Having the essential tools and supplies for your business is essential, so that you can work properly and efficiently. However, many people are paying high prices for their business supplies. It might seem easier to head to a store near you and pick up your supplies, but did you know that you can save so much more money if you buy paper online? Buying in bulk often works out much cheaper, and using companies that supply online will allow you to create a good working relationship with them, making it likely for them to give you discounts. 

A set time to work

It’s really easy to tell yourself that you will do your work later, and then keep pushing the actual working time back until you’re suddenly rushed to get things done. As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of working from home is the freedom to be able to commit yourself to other things in your life. In order to run a successful business, you should rules to follow. Establish a set time to work each day, so that you can complete as much as possible and remain a productive business.


Finally, one of the downsides of running a business from home is the number of distractions that can force their way into our minds. It’s difficult juggling children and a home business, so if you’re finding that you’re too distracted when they are awake, move your working time to when they are in bed. Other distractions like television or meeting someone for a coffee should be eliminated as much as possible, too.

Try these four fixes to things that could be holding back your home business today, and you will soon begin to notice the improvement in productivity in your business.