Women in sciences, women in tech, women in engineering, and women in mathematics.

STEM has been an amazing career choice for years, except the path way for women wasn’t always clear. It still isn’t a simple path to choose, but the perks are plenty. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should be thinking about a career in a STEM field.

woman on computer


If you need to retrain or take your first degree or qualification in any STEM subject you’re going to be in for a treat. There has been a big global push for women to make the leap into this career path. As a result, there is more funding available than ever before.

The skills that you gain will never be out-of-date. Why? Well, while each of the fields under the STEM umbrella changes rapidly, fundamentals remain the same. Basic principles will always be at the core of your understanding. The beauty of STEM is you can adapt as your field does.

Technology is a wide world right now – from necessary coding to artificial intelligence – and it is expanding with every discovery. The problem-solving capabilities and ability to build entire pieces of high-functioning software are quite something. When most people think of science, they might think of a person in a lab with a white coat and goggles. While  that is one realm of science, there are also careers like climate change analysts, physicists, and even food science technicians. Science is a very diverse field, with well over 100 different career options depending on your specialty.

Quite often, people are put off by math when indeed it is one of the most logical things in the world. The jobs are so far removed from adding 1 +1. For example, a biostatistician solves biological problems using mathematical modeling. They can also work in ecology to help predict changes in ecosystems. Engineering currently experiences massive growth in many countries; the lid has been lifted on engineering opportunities to include aerospace, biomedical, geological and even application engineering like deutzsupport.com.

What about the money? Well, they are all high skill jobs, which tend to come with pay packets to reflect that. Research shows that people who train and qualify for a position in a STEM career get paid much higher than any other degree. In fact, a whopping 63% of people with a STEM degree are higher paid.

You’ll find less competition for those high paying jobs. While there are plenty of jobs, there aren’t the people qualified to fill them. Great news if you want a lifelong career in one of the 3.2 million unfilled jobs in STEM. There is less of a pay gap between men and women in the same positions. While that might sound insignificant at first glance, in comparison to most other sectors it is a huge deal.

STEM, a big melting pot of decent pay, excellent job prospects, high job availability, less of a pay gap and continually innovating. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?