To succeed in business, there’s one quality that truly shines above all the rest in the ideal entrepreneur. It’s the quality of resourcefulness. Being able to spot opportunity, to make the best use of the assets you have, and to limit wastefulness is crucial. You must be resourceful with your people, your time, and your money. But you must also be resourceful with your workplace. Fail to treat it as the critical asset that it is and you could be causing more strain to the business than you think.


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The place for everyone

The best way to organize a workplace has been a question on the mind of business owners for centuries if not decades. Once we thought fitting as many people into one space possible, a la the cubicle crush, was the best answer. But it limited communication and drastically upped stress levels. We went too far the other way with open offices that made for fewer boundaries but much more distraction and a lack of privacy. Nowadays, creating different zones in the business, as shown by might be the solution we’ve waited for. Separating the office into private, communal, group work zones and more and allowing employees to work where they need as they need it could be the answer.

Mess is the enemy

Respect is crucial in the workplace, too. You have to treat not just the people with respect and demand that they do the same for one another. You must demand that everyone treats the workplace with respect. Letting it become messy, cluttered, and dingy is the opposite of that. Mess is distracting, it’s uninviting, and it creates a lack of respect for the workplace. If the physical environment looks like it receives very little care and attention to detail, people extrapolate that thinking to the rest of the business. You can go to and easily rent out most of the equipment needed for the occasional spring clean or hire a cleaning company. It’s a better idea in the long-term to teach employees to look after their individual work zones and contribute together to a workplace with higher standards, however.

Comfort must be a concern

While stress can be a motivator at times, it should never be a constant in the workplace. It puts people off-center, leads to mistakes, and overall decreases the satisfaction they feel from their job. The workplace should instead be a tool for increasing that satisfaction. High-quality, supportive furniture can drastically decrease physical discomfort. Bright, spacious design can help them feel engaged and more motivated to work. Some non-work areas like a break room, coffee station, and such can help employees find space from their work when they need it. A comfortable workplace is a tremendous asset to the business and the company culture. Enough that it can even be used as a perk of the job when talking to prospective employees.

A positive work environment is crucial to good business and the physical workspace is very much part of that environment. Take care of it and it will take care of you, your team and your business.