Do you use social media as part of your promotional strategy? Are you sometimes available to deal with complaints and customer requests via Facebook or Twitter? Then it’s vital that you read this article carefully. Below, you will find some of the worst social media mistakes that you will want to avoid.

Not answering comments

As the infographic at the bottom of this page states, companies that do not respond to comments or answer questions posted on their social media pages will not do their brand any favors. You need to make sure you always respond to anything posted by a customer or client.

Not refining your target audience

Those who use Facebook and Twitter for advertising will need to continually refine their targeting options to ensure they reach the right people and get a decent return on investment from the marketing spend. Failure to do that could mean you waste a fortune every year.

Not dedicating enough time

Like it or not, social media websites require a lot of time and effort. If your company increases in size or if you employ more than around fifty people at the moment; it might make sense to hire a social media manager, so you have someone working on those platforms every day.

If you manage to avoid all the social media mistakes listed in this short post; you should find yourself on the road to success. Remember to take a look at the infographic for more excellent tips that you can use.

Graphic by USC