One of the most difficult things about starting up a company is holding on to your customers. Whether you’re selling cakes, smartphones or a service, it’s important to find ways to inspire customer loyalty. When was the last time you felt attached to a company, and what did the company do for you to trust them? These are the sort of questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to building customer loyalty.

To help give you some inspiration and ideas, here are a couple of simple ways to get consumers on your side:


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Show your customers you mean business

There are many ways to show your customers that you’re serious about your business. You want to invest in long-term solutions and you want to show people that you care about how your business is portrayed publicly. A popular way to demonstrate that you’re serious about your business is in the way you produce your products. Low-investment ideas such as drop shipping and third-party manufacturing may not inspire confidence because they can be considered low-investment. However, if you purchase your own BossLaser engraving machine or invest in a fleet of branded transportation vehicles, you’re showing your customers that you have invested money into your business and that you’re willing to take more responsibility for your end product or service.

Go above and beyond the base experience

Most startups are concerned about how they provide their products and services, which is a fairly standard way of doing business. However, simply offering a product and saying “thanks” isn’t good enough to keep customers. It’s important to go above and beyond the base experience that customers expect in order to raise the bar and do something different. Two great ways of doing this are to offer your customers a fantastic warranty service or provide customer support that goes above and beyond the norm. Anything that sets you apart in a positive way to your competition should be considered a good way to inspire loyalty.

Get on social media and expose yourself

A secretive business that hides isn’t going to get noticed. It’s not going to have its activities publicized and it’s not going to inspire much confidence if you’re too afraid to make a public appearance even on the internet. Don’t give people time to fill in the blanks or assume things from your business. Get on social media and be straight-up about your business. Talk about how you plan to improve your company, mention ways that you’re going to progress and let people know when you have something new in the works.

Respond to people that ask you questions on social media and let them know every little update. If you’re active on various different social media channels, then it shows people that you’re serious about your company and that you plan to stay in the industry for a long time in order to build up your reputation and improve your products.