Working from home is a luxury that not many people have the chance to enjoy. It allows you to choose your own working hours, and not even have to bother getting dressed to work if you don’t feel like it. However, when you’re running your own business from home, you want to keep things as professional as possible. You may have your procedures and self scheduling down to a t, but do you have a professional office to work in? More often than not a home office involves a pc or a laptop in someone’s spare room. Why not vamp up your home office and become a more professional and successful business owner?



If you’ve ever worked in an office you’ll probably remember the boring lights in the ceiling which can sometimes give you headaches if the light is dim outside. Avoid making this mistake and opt for spot lights, especially with one over your desk and not in your eye line so that you can always see what you’re doing, but not be blinded by the gare of a light in your peripheral. Plus, spot lights are very minimal and don’t take any maintenance to take care of!


While carpet in an office is absolutely fine, achieving the perfect professional look for your home office won’t involve carpets. Take a look around some flooring companies to see what hard flooring options you can go down. Hard flooring is better because if any small stationary is dropped it can easily be spotted. Plus, if anything is spilled on carpet it can immediately ruin your look. Hardwood is easy to clean, requires less maintenance, and looks professional. 


One of the biggest mistakes that people make when designing a home office is by having ‘homely’ items hung on the walls, or even going as far as having the walls in a bright and distracting color. Make sure that your walls are a neutral color with helpful aids hung on the wall like information for you to refer to, a cork board, and a calendar so that you can stay on track. Doing this will boost your productivity and prevent you from being distracted from what you’re meant to be doing.


Make sure that the room you’re turning into an office is used for that purpose only. One of the biggest problems that people who work from home face is becoming distracted by other things that are around the room. Things like comfortable looking chairs, beds and televisions can prompt you to ditch your work and do something else instead. Plus, keeping your look simple will keep you and your office as professional as possible.

Try these four simple steps and create the perfect home office that will speak many words about you as a business owner, and also help boost your creativity.