To make your business a success you need to be seen within the marketplace. It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or multinational, if no one knows you exist, you won’t make any sales. This is where the importance of strong branding becomes apparent, you need to give your business a big personality to stand tall against your competitors.


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To create a brand you need to identify your target market and develop a brand which resonates with them. Your brand then needs to be seen, you need to get your businesses brand “out there!” To do this effectively you need to adopt a number of strategies and think creatively. One strategy would be to place adverts relating to your brand direct to your target markets smartphone by using companies such as MoPub rtb advertising.

The remainder of this article looks at ways of creating a strong brand for your business.

What’s your unique selling point? (USP)

What makes your business unique and what does it offer that your competitors don’t? It is important to identify what is special about your business and what will keep your customers loyal. This knowledge will be the focus of your whole branding process.

Who are your target market?

When devising your business plan you will have identified the target market your products are aimed at. Now you need to narrow the information on your target market down even further. What is the age bracket, sex and earning potential of your target. Where do they live and what hobbies and pastimes do they have? This will give you a clear picture of the type of branding they respond to. Are you products designed for the cool and trendy or are you aiming at the elderly population?

Design your logo and wording

Your logo is extremely important as it becomes your brand. Your logo will identify you. Try to see your brand as a person and treat it as such, give it a look, an image and a voice. Developing a logo is tricky and it may be a good idea to get expert assistance from branding experts. Think about the colors and fonts you wish to use, do your customers relate to them? Do they show exactly what your business is all about? Your tagline needs to be short, snappy but also say exactly what your brand is about. Once you’ve chosen your logo make sure you implement it across all aspects of your business, business cards, letterheads and website to name a few places.

Be engaging

Ensure your branding draws people into using your products and services. Your customers need to be able to trust your business and see it as their first choice when choosing a service.

Use the power of social media to get your brand noticed. Social media platforms are excellent for building good relations with potential customers. You can respond quickly to requests and you can answer questions promptly. Always maintain a professional manner and don’t get drawn into any negativity.

Ask customers to leave a review regarding their experiences of using your business. Future customers will want to know the quality of your products and services as well as your response times.

Successful branding is key to the success of your business, if you feel out of your depth, seek professional advice.