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As a new business owner, you should be aware that the odds of success are fairly slim. In fact, up to 90% of new businesses are destined to crash and burn within the first five years. Sadly, many of those failures are largely preventable. Therefore, it’s imperative that you learn from the mistakes of others to keep your venture on the right path.

Prevention is always the best form of protection. Here’s how you can ensure that your venture doesn’t fall victim to the most common causes of failure.

Protect the business 24/7:   

Building a successful business isn’t easy and it becomes harder when external threats to disrupt your progress. Protecting the premises with CCTV and security features is essential. However, you need to think about digital safety, too. Managed IT support stops the company from falling victim to cyber hacks and attacks. Moreover, knowing that your systems are in the best possible health will go a long way to maximize productivity levels.

Understand your finances:

Business is ultimately a numbers game. If yours fails on a financial front, success in other aspects may be difficult. Generating more revenue will certainly help the cause, but you must learn to view the full picture. Keeping your finances under control requires monitoring expenses and appreciating tax payments. In many cases, this could be the difference between success and failure. Even when it isn’t, the impact it’ll have on profit levels is huge.



Focus on communication:

Human interaction lies at the heart of all business endeavors. As such, yours must do everything it can to ensure that strong communication is maintained at all times. Regular team meetings, which stay focused on the task, prevent crossed wires. Meanwhile, modern tech can be used to keep everyone on the same wavelength. The idea of good communication must also extend to the client. Without good customer support, negative reactions could spread like fire.

Locate a key demographic:

A modern business will not achieve anything if it doesn’t boast a solid army of customers. This is one reason why marketing is so vital. Many entrepreneurs waste money on this by reaching audiences that will never purchase their products or services. Creating an ideal consumer profile is one of the most crucial parts of your research. In turn, this should prevent the disaster of being left with stock that cannot be shifted and a business plan that doesn’t work.

Be prepared for the worst:

Regardless of the preventative actions taken, it’s inevitable that some issues will surface from time to time. These issues can range from burglaries and intellectual theft to personal injuries or natural disasters. As such, finding the right business insurance plan is crucial. With the right coverage in place, even those unwanted episodes won’t knock your company out of its stride. If this doesn’t make your journey to the top feel smoother, what will?

Your business needs to be powered by a winning strategy. Still, with these measures in place, your hopes of being in the magical 10% of successful business can suddenly look a lot brighter.