Running an online business can be a great way to make money in the modern world. But as with all things digital, you have to be quick and current. The online world is forever changing, and that means you need to be constantly streamlining your business to keep up. This is especially the case when it comes to your website. Right now things may be running smoothly, but if you’re not careful you could find yourself behind the times as your competitors will be getting ahead once again. As a result, you should always be thinking of ways to make your website better. If you’re not too sure where to start, here’s what to consider.

Listen To Your Analytics

Rule number one for starting any kind of website improvement is to check your analytics. You don’t want to start making changes that you believe are for the better to only find out that they go against what your analytics are reporting. The data speaks for itself and can’t be denied. Analytics will tell you what your visitors do on your site. You can use this information to improve their user experience, make their favorite pages and products easier to get to and be sure that you’re removing anything with which they don’t engage. In other words, your analytics should be your basis for making changes.

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Get Responsive

From here, you’re also going want to be responsive in two ways. The first is with a responsive site and perhaps an app. This is so your visitors can easily access your site and consume content from whichever device they use. Your analytics will be useful here,too. You also need to be responsive to how your audience behaves. If they’re dropping off at certain points, then you know you need to improve your site in those areas.

Develop An Edge

Because you want to be able to improve your website, you need to have an edge. This means that you should strive to be different in some way, like with an Umbraco website, which can help you to stand out. If your website is going to be the best, you need to use the best. Sometimes it can be in your best interest to work with an expert to achieve this, too.

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Streamline The Design

You’re also going to want to streamline your design. You need to make sure that it fits with your brand, but that it doesn’t take away from what you’re trying to achieve with your site and from how your customers use it. Remember –  simple is best.


Finally, you should always be thinking about testing. You’re making a bold move by making changes without really knowing if they’re going to improve your site, or turn your customers away. With AB testing, you have a better chance at making sure that a change is going to be a success before you fully implement it. AB testing also gives you a chance to get valuable feedback and make changes to said changes and improve them before going live.

Following these steps will always allow you to make your website better.