Every woman becomes so much more than a woman when she becomes a mother. She becomes a mentor, a guardian, a friend, a guide and a shoulder to cry on. As a woman progresses in her journey of motherhood, she learns exponentially, picking up knowledge and skills that would have bamboozled her pre-baby self. The journey of motherhood is so fast paced that many new mothers fail to appreciate just how much value there is in their newfound knowledge and experience. If you have a talent for communication and want to help the world benefit from your parental insights and experiences, starting your own Mom Blog can be a fun and rewarding enterprise that might just make you some good money, too!


Image by Pixabay

Why start a Mom blog?

The Mom blog niche is a busy market, for sure, but the great thing about mom blogging is that there’s always room for more. When your blog is established, you’ll find that you’re not just operating in a vacuum. As you start to grow your audience on social media, you’ll become part of an encouraging and supportive community of mom and dad bloggers with whom you can exchange ideas and stories that will enrich your writing and your parenting.

As long as there are women out there having babies, they’ll want to turn to someone with experience and insight to allay the fears and anxieties that inevitably come with pregnancy. Dr Benjamin Spock had his time. Now it’s yours!

Growing your audience

As fun and therapeutic as the act of writing is, it means little when your writing doesn’t connect with an audience. Make sure that you reach out to other parents on social media. If you have cash to invest in growing your audience, starting out with a Pay Per Click advertising campaign on Facebook is a useful way of drawing the right people to your blog.

Remember that content is queen so you want to post fresh new content as often as you can. Check out this guide at SetYourOffice.com to make sure that your work space is productive and conducive to quality writing. Search engines, like Google, despise inactive sites. Posting new content regularly is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you’re prominently featured on search engines.

Finding your niche

Don’t underestimate the value of knowing your niche. There are many different aspects of parenting and you may be better served by focusing on one rather than trying to take on the whole behemoth of parenting. What aspect of parenting do you think you’re best equipped to educate others about?

Do you want to focus on diet? Discipline? Behavioral issues? Raising vegan children? Raising children with learning difficulties? Perhaps you had a rocky road to conception and you want your story to serve as a shining beacon of light to the millions of women crying themselves to sleep at night because they can’t conceive.

Knowing your niche is a powerful step in the process of starting your mom blob. Once you know your niche, make judicious use of the right keywords and create exceptional to help your audience find you and stay with you.