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Most budding entrepreneurs, at some point in their journey, are given the advice that they should seek a mentor to help them build up their business and become the success that they know they can be. This is definitely good advice, but you know what’s even better advice? Getting a bunch of mentors. When it comes to mentors, the more really is the merrier. Here’s why:

Business Involves Multiple Skills

If you’re an entrepreneur, you will know that setting up and running your own business requires a lot of skills, especially if you’re mostly doing it alone. You need to be an accountant, a marketer, a creative, a web designer, and that’s just scratching the surface. It doesn’t then make sense to simply have one mentor, who say runs his own creative ad agency when you could also have the help of independent financial advisor firms, Internet Marketing experts, people who’ve found success in e-commerce and so on. The more people you have on your side, the more skills you will be able to develop and the better that will be for your business.

Different Perspectives

Another very good reason to connect with as many successful people in as many different areas as you possibly can is the fact that it will give you access to lots of different perspectives and many different ways of running a business. If you do this and you then work out which ideas will work well for your company, you’re more likely to be successful than you are if you simply ape the business model of a single mentor.

You Can Access More Help

If you only have one mentor, and they are successful, you may find it tough to get very much face time with them at all. However, when you have multiple mentors, you have a pretty much endless stream of people you can access and ask for help with your problems when you need them – they can’t all be busy all at the same time.

You’re More Likely to Succeed

The stats say that entrepreneurs who have a mentor are more likely to succeed than those who are not. So it stands to reason that the more mentors you have, the better you are likely to do in your business.

You’ll Make More Contacts

The more people in high places who you have only our side, the more people you can be introduced to in a  range of sectors. This is something that will certainly benefit you now and in the future, because in business, it’s often more important who you know and what you know and the more sources of connection you have at the beginning, the more you can build up over time – it is that simple.

The bottom line: As you can see, there are lots of good reasons to find yourself, multiple mentors. However, it should be noted that you shouldn’t just choose anyone as a mentor, each person you choose to connect with should add value to your life and you to theirs in some way – they should also have the kind of skills, connections and knowledge that will be of benefit and you will obviously need to get on well. Now, get out there and find your mentors.