You’ve heard of curb appeal on your home to help it sell faster and also for your own personal enjoyment? Well the same applies for your business. Many business owners don’t think about the exterior of their business because everything they think they need to attract customers inside is on their premises. However, why shouldn’t you do everything you can to get people walking through your doors to see what you’re about? Here are some fantastic ways to give your business premises more curb appeal.


Get a new company sign

Think to yourself how you would feel if you were to see your company sign for the first time – would you be interested to see what you’re about? Design yourself a new company sign so that you can updated your look and entice people into your business premises. The newer and more updated that the exterior of your business looks, the more chance you will have of new customers walking through the door.

Consider a canopy

Canopies serve many different purposes. Whether you’re choosing one to protect your customers from bad weather conditions, or you’re deciding to use it for decorative purposes, you’re going to be adding something to the exterior of your premises that can serve many different purposes. Aluminium canopy systems are hard wearing, so will last you a lifetime. Another bonus? They will add curb appeal to your business!

Use your windows to your advantage

You should be considering the window space that you have in your premises, and using them to your advantage to advertise and show off what you’ve got to offer your potential customers. Have some sale posters made to fit your store windows, and promote the products that you’ve currently got on sale. Keeping these posters updates with different promotions will do your business the world of favours. It will also add the idea to passersby that you’re a trustable company that they should shop with.

Little touches that could make the world of difference

There’s also smaller touches that you could be doing to increase your businesses curb appeal:

  • Repaint car parking spaces to keep everything looking fresh.
  • Trim back any trees surrounding your business and prune flowers
  • Have your premises jet washed so that any dirt that’s been accrued is now eliminated, making your building look as good as new.
  • Have signs created to stand outside your business.
  • Consider having products just outside your door to lure people in. The more friendly you seem, the more likely you will have people visiting you.

Try these tips to give your business more curb appeal and ultimately, improve sales, and grow your business again.