Working in an office all day long has its pluses and minuses. On the one hand, you’re in close proximity to other departments, allowing ideas to form and change fluidly. An office can be a wonderful place for self-improvement and a great learning atmosphere. On the other hand, it’s physically demanding without actually being rigorous. From 9 to 5, you’re sitting down for most of the time, vertebrae pressure builds up, and chronic lower back pain can become a daily occurrence.

The atmosphere of an office can be changed by the environment of which it inhabits. Location is vital for transportation as employees junior to senior, great to mediocre may all live at varying distances. Neighbors -like it or loathe it – have an effect on the mood of your employees and the general office vibe. Then come the physical aspects of the environment itself such as air quality, temperature and natural lighting. There are some things you should consider improving if you want to manage the atmosphere in your office setting.

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The ball and chain

If you thought having poor neighbors at home was bad enough, a noisy neighboring business in a commercial office can be a nightmare. Noise levels can disturb your tribe at work and disrupt individuals’ thought patterns. Unfortunately, you don’t really have authority over those who are negatively impacting your work in this way. To combat this, you may want to keep the contact details of the company that you’re leasing the space from, the general staff and or reception of the building as well as security on hand.

If you’re not set up as an independent business inside the building with regards to the internet, virtual wires can get crossed and interfere with daily functions of your business. You should have garnered your own internet provider at the signing of the lease, but make sure that your routers, IP addresses and ethernet cables are not being shared with anyone else.


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General annoyance

The little things within an office can have a major influence on the atmosphere. If you have your own office building, you have the ability to control the inside temperature. An air condition system uses a refrigeration system to absorb heat from the room, uses high-pressure cool water to push through the pipes and takes the heat away to the fan extractor. If you’re looking for industrial refrigeration systems, Alta is a team of designers, engineers and manufacturers that can supply you with the most modern units. Working to your exact specifications and needs, the company creates efficient cooling systems that are designed to cope with ever-increasing demand for high performance. Removing muggy heat from the room with these industrial cooling units can turn a miserable summer day into a comfortable spring breeze.

Business owners are inundated with demands to make sure the work environment squeezes out the best from the staff. Immediately one may start to think about software and workflow, which is perfectly fine. But the atmosphere of the workplace is affected by the physical state of the office itself. Never overlook the little things like noise pollution, temperature and the way these factors affect productivity.