While the most important thing to your company might simply be that it makes a healthy profit and keeps its doors open, there’s no denying that every boss wants more for their business. Your entrepreneurial drive is most likely what drove you to build your business in the first place. You don’t just want your company to “get by” – you want it to become a household name. You want brand recognition. It’s not just about profit; it’s about building an empire of which you can be proud. It’s about having loyal customers who choose your business not just because it sells a great product or service but because the brand means something. If you want to build that sort of business then let’s talk about mastering the game of making your company a household name.


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Household names aren’t built overnight. It takes work. You’ve most likely already put a heap of work into creating your company and gaining customers, but it’s all about your reputation at the end of the day. What are your customers saying about you? If you want to become a household name then you need 5-star reviews that sing your praises. That’s what will attract new customers, and that’s what will make people see your brand as trustworthy. You need to give customers the best possible service, but you also need to make it easy for them to leave testimonials for your business. Your website is the best place for them. You could offer incentives such as a 2-for-1 deal on their next purchase if they leave a review.


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One of the most powerful ways in which you can make your company a household name is to improve your marketing strategy. Your existing customers may know your brand, but you’re not going to grow as a company unless your help your client base to grow. And that means you need to improve your promotional strategy. In the modern age, you need to focus on digital marketing. If your business isn’t making an impact online then you’re missing a trick. You need to improve your website’s content so that it ranks highly (preferably on the front page) of search engine results. That way, potential customers will see your business’ name before anything else, and we all know that people are likely to click on one of the first few links they see. That’s how you develop a household name; you increase traffic and, hopefully, your client base.

Of course, whilst digital marketing is absolutely essential if you want to push your brand in front of potential customers in the modern age, that doesn’t mean traditional methods of marketing are completely useless. Believe it or not, some people still do things in the physical world; we don’t all live in a virtual reality behind our screens just yet. You might want to think about ways in which you could spread word your brand via existing customers. You could offer discounts to loyal customers who refer their friends to your business, for example. People are more likely to trust a brand if their friend tells them it’s good.

Additionally, you could use merch to subtly place your brand in front of people. You could check out a company such as Phoenix Coffee Mug to get promotional mugs created with your brand design. A common household item such as a mug is perfect because you want to give out free promotional items that people will actually use frequently. Practical merch will give your company more recognition because your brand will be seen by the people who own the merch and any guests they have over at their house. You’ll literally be a household name.


At the end of the day, corporate entities with dull and uninspiring messages aren’t the brands that captivate consumers. It’s the businesses with meaningful brands that end up becoming household names, as discussed throughout this article. Your company needs to figure out its values and shout them from the rooftops. You need to prove that your business really cares about things. For example, you could strive to “go green”. If you deliver an eco-friendly service both in the office and in terms of the product you deliver then this will show customers that you really care about the planet and issues that matter to people. Your brand needs an identity, essentially. You need to stand for something more than profit. That’s what will differentiate you from the crowd of similar companies. Aim to be the “wow” brand.