Uchenna Eboagwu head shot“You can’t reflect the best of who you are on the outside when the inside is not right.” ~Uchenna Eboagwu
Uchenna Eboagwu, popularly referred to as “Queenchenna”, is a pacesetter on a mission to help people discover, claim, and live out their dreams.
She is the visionary and founder of The Life Circle, a marketplace ministry with a vision of raising and establishing a circle of passionate, compassionate, world-changing women around the globe.
A preacher and dynamic leader, Uchenna currently serves as associate pastor at Open Door Missionary Church in Laurel, MD. She’s also the CEO and founder of VIP Image Consulting, where she specializes in helping individuals and organizations create an image and/or brand that conveys their vision, ingenuity and purpose (VIP).
Above all that she does, Uchenna loves being a mother to her beautiful six-year old daughter.
In this episode, Uchenna and I discover that we have a lot in common with regard to our past experiences and the challenges we were able to overcome. She opens up about an extremely difficult chapter in her life and reflects on how her pain inspired her to begin her journey as a life-changing mompreneur.
Your Pain Leads to Your Purpose
Uchenna has learned that your painful experiences and challenges get you closer to your dreams, even though it feels like you’re getting further away, as you go through the process.
How She Manages Her Busy Lifestyle as a Business Mogul and Mom
Uchenna doesn’t have a specific system that she follows to manage her life; she relies on daily prayer to stay centered and moving in the right direction. She has learned that everything doesn’t have to be perfect or get done all in one day.
To manage her busy schedule, Uchenna chooses the 3 most important things she needs to do daily in 3 specific areas – her family, her church, and her business. This strategy, along with her mindset shift from trying to do it all, has helped a lot.
Uchenna encourages women to replenish and take a break so they don’t have to serve others when they’re empty. To replenish, Uchenna treats herself to regular manicures and pedicures, and she enjoys spending quiet time with The Lord.
Her Greatest Accomplishment So Far
Finding her purpose is Uchenna’s greatest accomplishment. Nothing compares to the peace and joy that she has found from walking in her purpose.
The First Step You Can Take to Find Your Purpose
The first step is to go to the one who carved out your purpose. Uchenna knows that the answer about your purpose is with God, and that’s where you must go first. When you ask, He will answer you.
You may not hear the “voice” that you expect, and it may not happen quickly. Be patient and listen. Slowly, you will begin to get a nudging feeling in your heart that will keep showing up to guide you in taking small steps toward your purpose.
Also, think about the things that you do well and write them down. Often you’ll find your purpose is intertwined with your gifts.
Uchenna’s Suggested Books
The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth am I Here for? by Rick Warren. She found this book to be life-altering.
The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, which was an excellent read that has helped her with personal relationships as well as being a mom.
From the Pit to the Palace, is Uchenna’s forthcoming book, and she’s very excited about releasing it soon.
Uchenna is excited about her VIP Image Consulting shows, where she partners with models for Philadelphia Fashion Week in June and popular brands, helping them convey their vision, ingenuity, and purpose.
Where You Can Find Uchenna Online
Instagram: @queenchenna
Twitter: @Iam_Queenchenna
Facebook: www.facebook.com/queenchenna
Email: Queenchennaofficial@gmail.com