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You don’t have to be told that a business needs to make a profit if it wants to do well. However, there’s more to making a profit than simply bringing in sales. Making money is important, but your company also needs to use that money responsibly if it wants to do well in the long-term. You need to keep returning to the business plan to make the right decisions for your company’s future. If you’re struggling in that regard then here’s some advice to help you organize your business and increase its profitability.

Reduce unnecessary costs.

The best way to increase your business’ profitability is to reduce unnecessary costs. So many companies could increase their available funds if they simply organized their finances. Take a look at your overhead costs and think about whether they’re all essential. For instance, you could save money on paper by simply not using it; it’s the digital age, after all. Additionally, you could save money on your office’s monthly energy bill by insulating the office more effectively (e.g. thicker glazing for the windows) and replacing old appliances with energy-efficient alternatives. There are plenty of small ways to save huge amounts of money in a business if you just take a close look at your expenses. This will reduce any margin erosion to give your company bigger profits.

Make the right investments.

Cutting back on unnecessary spending is a good start to increasing your profit margins, but you also need to think about the way in which you do spend your company’s money. After all, choosing not to spend any of your business’ profits is just as bad a move as spending those profits badly. You need to invest if you want your company to grow. The key is to simply make the right investments. Of course, doing that is easier when you carefully consider each investment first. You might want to try out the IRR function on Excel (the internal rate of return function) to help estimate the return on investments you make. Organizing your investments in this sense is a smart way to calculate profitability when you’re trying to decide how to spend your company’s money.

Increase your productivity levels.

We’ve talked about reducing costs and optimizing investments to increase your business’ profitability, but another smart way to better your company’s financial situation is to put your existing resources to better use. In particular, you should manage your workforce more efficiently. If you can increase their productivity levels then you’ll be putting their salaries to better use and increasing your company’s output without increasing your costs. It’s a great way to stimulate growth for free. After all, your goal is to optimize your business’ operations.

Of course, your employees are more than “resources” – they’re people. If you want to see them achieve more then you need to incentivize them. You could reward the “employee of the week” with an early finish to the work day or a small bonus, for example. This might encourage the rest of your workers to put in more effort. The more passionate your employees are, the more leads they’ll chase and the more charismatic they’ll be when talking to customers.