Unless you have been making an active effort to keep up with the most up-to-date technologies, your business might still be somewhat stuck in an era when fax was still considered hi-tech. Of course, maybe not to that extent, but it would be pretty safe to say that your business could use a few improvements here and there. Different technologies pop up all the time, and the market is booming as everyone wants to be on top of their game, ahead of their competition. If you feel like your business has been losing its edge, or you are just not able to stay as competitive as you maybe once were, then read on and see what kind of new technologies could improve your efficiency and productivity.

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Communication software

Whether it’s contacting clients or communicating between staff, many companies have not moved past the phase of post it notes and emails. There are now many different means of communication, which are less clunky than emails, that sometimes it makes one wonder why emails are still around. Instant messenger clients like Whatsapp and telegram are much snappier and more intuitive than exchanging emails. Introducing it to the workplace as an alternative certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Slack is a fan favorite of the working world and tends to be incredibly useful for communicating during team projects, Allowing for creation of different channels, instant messaging, voice calls and even file uploads, Slack often proves to be the ultimate workplace communication tool.

Emailing is no longer the best way to contact clients or customers. A lot of email gets filtered out as spam. If it doesn’t get filtered by the email provider itself, then the owner of the email will probably filter it out, completely disregarding it. Texting customers is more effective as most texts actually tend to get read rather than left there to rot. Not to mention, texting often feels more personal, giving it just that slight bit of urgency that emails have lost over the years.


Image source: Pexels

Remote desktop connection software

Like the name might suggest, remote desktop connection software allows you to remotely connect to your computer (or desktop) from anywhere else via an internet connection. This allows you to take full control of the machine as if you were sitting in front of it. Not only is this convenient for group work in case someone asks you to do something on a computer on the other side of the building, but it can also be an absolute lifesaver if you need to access your work PC outside of working hours.

Do you have a sudden emergency at work but no one is there and the building is closed until next Monday? No problem. If your PC is on, you can connect to it and do whatever you need to do. Software such as Teamviewer, GoToMyPC or LongMeIn Rescue all do this job perfectly fine. Some of them even have phone or tablet counterparts to their desktop clients, allowing you to access your PC from your phone or smart device, just about anywhere.