Attending events like trade shows is one of the best ways to promote your business. It can get you in front of people who otherwise might not notice your existence. Whether you’re trying to target other businesses and professionals or market your products to consumers, it’s especially good if your business is usually based online. It gives you the chance to make your business a bit more human and interact in person. But when everyone else is trying to do the same, you need to find ways to stand out and get noticed. So what exactly can you do?


Image by Nick Gray

Build Up Before the Event

Your work should begin before you even attend your event. There’s plenty you can do to get people excited before the big day. First, think about who’s going to be there and how you can get in touch with them before the event. Social media is a great tool, especially if there’s a hashtag set up for the event. You can use it to let people have influence over you and have their say. Ask people to suggest what you should give away, or allow people to place orders for your products that they can pick up on the day of the event.

Create Some Fun

If you’re just standing there, waiting for people to come and say hello, they’re probably not going to be very interested. But having some kind of interactive element at your stall, it makes everything much more interesting. Give everyone a reason to come and get involved, whether it’s a game or a competition. You could have anything that draws people in, from a video about your brand to a circus performer doing tricks. If it gets people talking (for the right reasons), it’s a good choice for your event.


Image by Arnold Reinhold

Get Your Display Right

If you’re at an event where you need to set up a stall or display, it’s vital to spend some time designing it so that it stands out. You’ll be competing with plenty of other brands, and you don’t want everyone to ignore you and walk by. A custom built exhibition stand will make sure you have something unique that isn’t like what everyone has. You might be at a small craft fair or at a huge trade show, but you need to work on presenting something interesting. When you’re in a large room, your display needs to be eye-catching.

Get Creative with Your Giveaways

Everyone gives things away at trade shows. At smaller events, it might not be so common, but it’s still something you can think about. Even small items like stickers will give people the feelings of getting something for nothing. If you’re going to give away freebies, think about what might make people happy. Don’t just give them a pile of plastic junk. Think of some unusual things to give away, and if you have a variety of items, put them in a bag. The bigger the bag, the more likely it will be for people to put all their stuff in it, meaning they’ll carry it around all day.

It’s tough to stand out at an event, but there are lots of methods you can use to do it. Don’t leave it too late to think about how you’re going to get people’s attention.