We live in a world that is completely run on technology and it’s hard to even think about an aspect of our lives that doesn’t include some sort of device both at work and home. Even buying tickets for daily commutes is done online or with minimal human interaction. No matter if you have worked as a sales assistant, a store manager or a CEO, you will use multiple forms of tech on a daily basis. You could be the most old-fashioned shop out there, but to make it in today’s world, you really do have to use technology. It can also make your life a lot easier when running a business.

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As the wired generation is now the new wave of employable people, technology is easy to apply. Millennials have grown up with the world at their fingertips and can learn to navigate new technology in moments. Each new development is made to make life easier, so why wouldn’t you use it in your workplace to make everyone’s lives there easier, too? Updating applications and software could improve the running of your business.


Many people use some form of the Google enterprise – Gmail, Google Calendar or Google Finance. Whichever singular tool you use, there is a whole host of others that interconnect with it. Utilizing G Suite for your office is a great way of sharing and monitoring everyone’s work. You can access this app from any device and use it to boost business management.


Building a website doesn’t have to be as complicated as typing out codes for days at a time. There are plenty of great drag and drop, do it yourself website platforms available for free online. You might want to upgrade from the free option so that you can own your domain name. On sites like Wix and WordPress, you have the option to upgrade to different levels and buy your own domain. If you choose to do it yourself, then you need to spend time looking into how it works. There will be plenty of online tutorials available to you, so do the research. The more you know, the better your site will look.


An online HR service can save your employees a lot of time by having everyone connected through software with a gamification solution. Requests, training and targets can be tracked remotely by you. This is ideal for a smaller business that doesn’t have an HR manager but can also be used in conjunction with an HR manager in a larger company.


When it comes to your marketing campaigns, there are some parts that are more time consuming than others. Like email blasts, writing and coding can be lengthy and annoyingly precise. You can always delegate the work, but using software like Campaign Monitor can help you get the work done quicker and even collaborate with others who are involved in marketing.