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Every business is different. Some offer products, while others provide services. Some are entirely online, while others haven’t even bothered with a website. Some are big, some are small, but they all have their own idiosyncrasies, quirks, niches and ways of finding success. Despite all of this, there are universal truths that aspiring entrepreneurs should be aware of before setting out for the big leagues.

You may already know some of these things like having to work long days and late nights as you try desperately to turn a profit, calling potential clients while you simultaneously play chief tea-maker.

However, there are some speed bumps you may not have thought about, and they’re just as crucial. They can be the difference between becoming successful and staying stationary. Without further ado, here are the some of the most critical bumps in the road that you may pass on your road to success.

  1. Burnout Is A B***h

The reason you’re fighting the good fight in order to make your business work is simple: you want to make your passion your work. That’s why you are always able to find something else to do. That’s why you never give any thought to taking time off, but you need to. You need downtime. You need to recharge every so often. It’s important that you find ways to be more efficient with your time and efforts.

  1. Don’t Be Mrs Solo Dolo

Entrepreneurs love to go it alone. This is partly because they don’t want to spend money outsourcing certain tasks, and partly because they don’t think anyone can do the job as well as they can. We get it. But you need to get how restricting this mindset can be. It limits your chance to grow. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, try outsourcing tasks that fall outside your comfort zone or eat up too much of your time, like copywriting, graphic design, accounting – that sort of thing. Once you’ve done this, build up a strong pool of freelance superheroes.

  1. What The Heck, Tech

We all love technology until it goes wrong. But that’s the point – it always goes wrong. And it always goes wrong at the worst time possible. This is a headache you can do without, and that’s why you need to partner up with someone like Red Key Solutions. Even if you are a wiz kid with wires, plugs, sockets and all that jazz, you should still pass this speed bump on to someone else to save time.

  1. Marketing Ain’t Optional

You don’t need to go all out and invest in tons of expensive marketing or devote hours of your time to come up with clever marketing campaigns. But you do need to find a way to get your brand out there. The good news is, you’re probably doing this without realizing because you’re not labeling it as marketing. It’s probably more like socializing and casual networking. All you need to do to up the ante on this is connect with them on social media between your catch-ups.