We all believe we have a handle on the best ways to grow our business, but the biggest challenge every single entrepreneur faces every day is wondering if our processes will become redundant soon. In the modern age, it’s very difficult to keep up, as there are new ways of doing business and new technology. All of these different changes can mean that the way you are operating right now can be redundant in five years’ time. So, what are the best ways to make sure that, in the modern world, you stay on top of everything?



Have Your Ears To The Ground

Yes, to begin with, it’s as simple as this. Staying ahead of the curve is a full-time job and it can be exhausting when you are a one-man band that is struggling to stay afloat. That is why you need to distill the best news feeds and keep your eye on influencers in your industry. This doesn’t always have to just relate to business – it can be in relation to economic values, current concerns (like climate change), and how your business can take these things to make yourself appear relevant. With something like the environment, in relation to businesses, the use of paper is still a hot topic. Some businesses have managed to make the transition, by implementing document management software, exclusively operating with computerized devices. Others are doing certain things to offset their carbon footprint, such as planting trees. Taking inspiration from current trends is one way for you to compete right now.

Implement A Transformation Team

If you have concerns about the future, then you need to do something about it. It’s difficult for one person to implement change, so turn your in-house team into a transformation team. They can develop new strategies, brand new approaches to products or prototypes, and bring new people on board that can think laterally to design a new infrastructure. It’s difficult for one person to keep their ears to the ground to be aware of new changes. A simple solution to this is to hire people who can! A transformation team can consist of people from various industries, or people with diametrically opposing skills, creating an all-encompassing team for you. 

Focus On The Customer

Competing in modern times is still about the customer and this will never change. To be ahead of the curve, you need to focus exactly on what your customer requires. You can do this by asking people via market research, or you can work harder at maintaining a solid relationship with them. Competing in modern times doesn’t mean implementing more complex procedures, because this will spin out of control and could cost you precious time and money.

To compete in modern times, it’s all about addressing internal issues in your company first, not about competing with everybody else out there.