There is no ‘I’ in team – a phrase coined by managers all over the world to describe the fact that it’s not all about you when it comes to working in a team environment. Autonomous working is actively encouraged in an office. Every person you hire has their individual roles to play to make your company tick along toward a hefty profit. The thing is, each of these roles that you employ people within link together. You can’t have a marketing team that works unless they deal with the sales team. Your management team cannot get the right balance without making sure that you all understand the importance of working together as a team.


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Teamwork in an office environment is unavoidable. While your personality may be one that prefers independence, you have to put that aside when it comes to being in the office. A close team is made up of professionals that can work as one smooth unit rather than a disjointed one. If most of your employees are remote workers, you may easily benefit from a team collaboration tool that can bring your ideas together from wherever you are. Building a team that works together well is not always easy and sometimes takes some trial and error to get it right. However, there are some tricks you can use to bring people in your office together as one unit.

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Start From Scratch. When it comes to building a team, you’ve got to start right from the beginning. You need to hire people, sure, but their personalities have to gel enough to be able to work together in a team. If a candidate that you are interviewing is vocal about having a preference to working alone, they may not be the right person for your team at all.

Diffuse Tension. As a manager, it’s your job to spot issues in the team dynamic before they become bigger issues. Big personalities that work well together can create true magic in business, but those same personalities can clash and that’s just human nature. Make a point of diffusing situations before they get out of hand and you can keep the harmony in your team.

Group Goals. Everyone loves to have something to work towards. By setting goals as a group rather than individuals, you’re going to encourage people to work together.

Team Rewards. Alongside the group goals, you should have something for people to aim for as a team. It ensures people work together and gives everyone a purpose with their roles.

Platform Opinion. As a manager, you have to bring people together and help them voice their opinions. Give people of all levels in the office a space to share their opinions and don’t be afraid to give a voice to the unpopular opinions, too. Not everyone has to think the same, but teaching your team to appreciate opposing opinion is important.

Your ability to lead a team is going to be a game changer for your company. Encourage people as much as you can and get the team working in perfect sync.