A strong business image is essential for attracting new customers. Most consumers are attracted to a company based on its reputation and image. Present yourself in a professional manner, and you will see more people taking notice. On the flip side, businesses with a bad image are known as being ‘bad,’ so consumers avoid them.

Most small business owners get tricked into believing that a good business image costs a lot of money. This simply isn’t the case.There are plenty of cool ideas you can try, and they’ll help you upgrade your image for less. Check out a few of my top ideas below:


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Join Business Associations

Certificates and badges go a long way to improve the way your business appears to outsiders. Many consumers will immediately rate a company higher than others if it has accreditation of some kind. A simple and affordable way to do this is by joining business associations. Join the Better Business Bureau and you could get accreditation to display on your website, in your office window or anywhere. This is an association people recognize as trustworthy. They know that businesses with this accreditation have to pass certain tests to prove their trustworthiness. The great thing is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to apply for the BBB, but the benefits will be long lasting.

Use A Virtual Office

A virtual office will offer your business the chance to gain a prestigious address without forking out loads of money in rent every month. Some of the best and biggest businesses congregate in central business districts in big cities. Having an office in a prime location gives you a massive reputation boost as you seem like one of the big boys. With virtual offices, you get the registered business address along with a phone number for the office. You can put that address and contact details on your website, giving the impression that you have a fancy office. In reality, you may be working from home or from a far cheaper office – but no one needs to know that!

Create Branded Clothing

Another one of my favorite ideas involves creating branded clothing that you – and any employees you have – can wear. The aim with this is to create a professional image by looking smart as you walk around displaying your brand. People can see you on the street with your branded clothing on and think ‘wow, that’s a really smart piece of attire’ – or something along those lines. It’s very  effective if you have to meet with clients, too as it gives you an air of professionalism by wearing a uniform of sorts.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got a huge budget behind you. You can still achieve a good business image without spending big. Use my ideas, and you’ll start seeing results in a very short space of time.