Women used to live in a world where being a mom meant your career was put on hold for at least eighteen years. Nowadays, it’s a lot easier to continue working even when you have to look after your children. If you’re a mom with big dreams, then why don’t you start a home business where you can make plenty of money? Not sure where to begin? Here are a two home business ideas that are perfect for moms:



Interior Design Company

A lot of moms will consider themselves to be interior design pros. I’m sure plenty of you decorated your own home and took it from meh to amazing. So, why don’t you take these skills and start your own interior design business from home?

It’s a simple idea; you work from home and talk to clients about different projects. Then, you go to their homes and do the work, or get subcontractors to do it for you. You only need a few things to get your business off the ground. Firstly, you need a laptop with some business software. If you visit the DesignDocs website here, you’ll see some management software specifically for interior design professionals. Secondly, you need a website that gets plenty of traffic and generates loads of customers for you. Thirdly, you need to work with subcontractors like painters and handymen to help carry out your interior design work for you. All in all, it’s a great idea that you can work on from home, but also get out of the house if you want to.

A Mom Blog

The term ‘business’ has become very open-ended over the last decade or so. These days, you can run all sorts of businesses that probably were never considered businesses before. A blog is the perfect example of this. Here, you can start something that generates income on a regular basis, and can be grown to the point where you even hire your own employees. It may not seem like it, but blogs are businesses nowadays.

My idea is to start a mom blog, which is essentially a blog where you give advice to other mothers and share your experiences. You encourage people to comment and join in with conversations, and you could possibly even start a podcast with your friends and post it on the blog. This type of blog is very popular as moms are always keen to learn more and get help with parenting and life. It’s a business you can run all by yourself from the comfort of your home while looking after your children. The beauty is; you’re in total control over everything. If you want to post a lot, then you can. If you want to restrict it to a handful of posts per month, then you can do that too. It’s easily scalable to suit where you are in life and how much free time you have.

There are only two ideas here, but they’re both perfect for moms with big ambitions. Call upon your own experiences to start a mom blog and earn lots of money. Or, use the skills you’ve learned as a mom to open your own interior design business. Either way, there’s no need to give up your career as you can easily be a mom and a businesswoman at the same time.