It’s no secret that making good use of technology is one of the best ways to improve efficiency around the office and offer a better service for your customers. You’ve probably got all of the basics like updated computers, accounting software and customer service programs in place but that’s just the beginning. There are so many different technology updates that could improve your business and make your more profitable in no time. These are the most important ones that you need to implement as soon as possible.


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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer the stuff of science fiction movies. It’s a reality and it can help you to improve your business no end, particularly your customer service department. Giving people a quick response is so important but that can be hard if you can’t afford a lot of staff to answer phones or respond to emails. Often, a lot of the queries you’re getting will be similar and they’re usually pretty basic. That’s taking up a lot of time that your customer service staff could be using to answer more complex queries. But artificial intelligence can help you to solve that problem. There is some great chatbot software out there that will mimic a real person very closely (visit for a list of the best ones). They can’t answer the more difficult questions and you’ll still need some customer service staff to do that but chatbots can easily give out basic information that your customers need. They’ll also be able to get an instant response which will keep them happy.

Virtual Private Server

Protecting customer data is such a huge concern for all businesses these days. If you lose sensitive data about your customers, it can land you in a lot of trouble. When you’re sharing information between computers around the office, there’s always the chance that you could be the victim of a cyber-attack. You need to take steps to protect yourself against that. The best way to do it is to put a virtual private server in place (visit for more information). A virtual private server allows you to send information between computers on a closed server that is a lot safer.

Analytics Software

Knowing your customers is so important. Understanding their wants and needs is the best way to effectively market products to them. You can collect such a huge amount of data on people when they visit your site and buy products but dealing with that quantity of information manually is next to impossible. The good news is you can implement some software that will comb through all of the information that you collect about customers and help you to pick out trends. Having a stockpile of information about their buying habits, what kind of age groups or genders are most interested in your products and how much people are willing to spend can really help you with your marketing efforts.

If you don’t make these technology upgrades in your company right away, you’re going to fall behind the competition.