When you run your own company or you’re the head of a business, it’s so important that you do a good job. Yet, when you’re set in your ways and you have your own natural character, it’s not always easy to know how you can be the best possible leader. Now, we’re all going to have our own takes on running a company – and that’s cool. You will also find that having great ethics is essential, as you’ll see in the accompanying infographic. Let’s take a look at three things leaders should do in order to be ethical.

Listen To Criticism

First up, it’s so important that they can take criticism. If they are doing something, or have said something, that is upsetting or unethical, it’s not going to help to just deny it or ignore criticism. Instead, when a leader listens, they have a chance at putting things right.

Take Responsibility

But that’s just the first step. Next up, leaders then need to take responsibility. Constantly blaming others or saying ‘it’s not my fault’ just looks bad! But society respects others when they take responsibility for their actions, and know that they did wrong!

Take Corrective Action

And then, they need to ask for forgiveness and take action. Make sure that any ethical mistakes (and mistakes in general), and put right, and that you’re able to move forward with a clear conscious.

For more information on business ethics and how leaders can be more ethical, take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Design By Norwich University