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I’ve used the term ‘personal office’ as I’m referring to an office that you share with nobody. This might be a small office in a building, it could be a home office, or it could be a room within a larger office. Regardless, this is your base of operations where you do all of your work. It’s also where you might have one-on-one meetings with clients or prospects. So, it’s crucial that this room looks as professional as can be. In doing so, it enhances your own professional reputation. 

What can you do to achieve this? Well, here are three ideas:

Install wood flooring

One way to really make your office seem professional is to have wood flooring installed. For me, this oozes class and makes you seem like a boss. Get some high-quality polyurethane finishes to make the surface shine, and it will have a huge impact. Instantly, your office has a more professional aura compared to if there was carpet or some sort of plain flooring. Anyone that enters the room will be impressed with how amazing it looks. They’ll feel like they’re in the office of someone very important. A simple change like this can influence the minds of potential clients when you’re looking to sell them something. 

Keep it minimalist

Some people argue that a messy office is better for your reputation than a clean one. The logic is that it makes you look like you’re constantly hard at work. In reality, it has the opposite effect. People will see the mess and be put off by it. They start assuming that you have no control over your life, which makes them doubt that you’re worth their money. In contrast, a clean and minimalist office makes you look highly professional. You seem like someone who has their act together, so trust begins to blossom. 

An impressive chair and desk combo

Having a good chair and desk combo is excellent if you want to look professional. A simple desk with a plastic chair doesn’t look that impressive. But, a big desk with a leather chair immediately makes you look better. Again, it leaves people in no doubt who the boss is. When they look at you they see someone that’s clearly at the top of their game. Especially when this is combined with your new flooring and minimalist interior design. If anything, you become a bit intimidating. In other areas of life, this isn’t a good thing. In business, it’s excellent. You want to be slightly intimidating as it can influence people to agree to sales contracts or do what you want them to do. You’re not forcing them! It’s just that the aura you create is one of a highly professional individual who knows what she’s doing. 

By doing these things, you can create an office that gives you an edge. Don’t underestimate how influential your personal office design can be. It should be a representation of you as a business person. So, design it to look professional.