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The first rule of modern business is to go green, and it starts with getting rid of the printer. Wasting dead trees only adds to a company’s carbon footprint. Sure, every CEO would love to make money and help the environment at the same time. In fact, the vast majority of bosses are doing exactly that in 2018. Yet, to get rid of printing completely isn’t a savvy move. Although it goes against conventional wisdom, it’s true and here are the reasons why.

Business Meetings

It’s common to see a projector or an interactive whiteboard with eyes locked on the screen. In all honesty, it’s probably the best way to captivate an audience and grab their attention. However, a business meeting shouldn’t rely on technology because it can fail. When it goes down, the whole experience could go up in smoke. Printouts may not come in handy, but they are a fantastic backup plan just in case. Also, some people like to follow the presentation by correlating the slide with a piece of paper. It adds to the experience, which is a huge positive.

Health And Safety

Two things which have become synonymous with the workplace are health and safety. Employees and guests have a right to enter the building or site without putting their life at risk. Plus, businesses don’t want to spend a fortune on lawsuits. The onus is on the employer, and this is where printers come in handy. Posters and prints that use Brother Toner are perfect for catching everyone’s eye. Screens help, but they don’t stand out as much even if they are interactive. In an ideal world, businesses should use a mixture of the two.

Working From Home

Companies offer employees the chance to work from home because it suits both parties. Workers can complete tasks without undue hassle or stress, and businesses get to cut costs. However, for it to work, the process has to be fluid and seamless. Otherwise, it completely negates the whole point. How does a printer have an impact? Well, the odds are high that people working from home won’t have hard copies of documents that they need. Connecting to the work server from home gives employees access to files and to print them off at home. Quite simply, it’s an efficiency issue.


Not everything you ship to customers will stay at their residence. From time to time, they will want to send things back for a refund or an exchange. When this happens, shipping labels are essential. Without one, the company won’t get the product back, and the customer won’t receive their refund. They should be available online, yet the office needs them just in case they need to post things to a customer or warehouse. No printer means zero labels, and the situation is bound to escalate.

Finally, there’s the fact that you can save the planet while still printing documents. The key is to cut down, not to cut it out totally.