One of the biggest concerns for businesses is keeping their employees happy. You may end up asking yourself whether you should hire remote workers, but more importantly, you should be asking yourself if your business can handle your current workforce working from home instead of the office. A lot of managers believe that it is far better to keep their staff under their watchful eye instead of allowing them to work from their own homes, but the benefits of allowing staff to work remotely can far outweigh the negatives of this way of working.

As long as your business has effectively managed IT services, a loyal and communicative workforce and the technology to reach staff in an instant, there is really no reason NOT to allow your staff to work from their homes. We’ve got five of the best benefits to changing the way that you do things and introducing the chance to work remotely.


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Your Staff Will Feel Trusted. As long as your employees have a good internet connection, they can work from home. When there’s adverse weather, accidents on the highway and family commitments, your staff can still complete their working day without interruption. Making your staff feel trusted and supported is important, and staff members who feel trusted work harder and better.

Your Staff Will Feel Productive. Believe it or not, grown adults do not need constant supervision to work well. Remote employees know that they’ve been trusted to complete their work day without the need for their boss to hover over their shoulders and make demands. When someone works from home, they can relax and insulate themselves from distractions. Also, not every member of staff will work 9-5. Instead, some employees may prefer to work earlier or later, depending on their family commitments.

You Will Save Cash. Real estate rental and buying costs are high when it comes to commercial buildings. By hiring in remote workers, or allowing current staff to work from home, you can cut this cost out of your budget entirely. There’s no use hiring an office or a building to work from if you don’t have any staff coming in to use it. The amount of cash that your business can save is huge when it comes to real estate!

Your Staff Will Feel Calm. Stress at work comes from the strict timeframes of starting and finishing the day, along with the commute involved to get to and from the workplace. If your staff aren’t stressed, they will feel more productive and laid back in their efforts for your company. A calm staff is a hardworking one.

You Can Access Global Talent. Hiring local staff can restrict your ability to hire in the best talent. If you want to aim for a staff that is more talented, extend your global reach by going online and looking further afield. This way, you can bring in high-quality talent and have instant communication simply by going remote!