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Launching a business in the current climate is an increasingly popular solution. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit, the past year has probably made you realize that your old job wasn’t as great or as stable as you once thought. Now is the perfect time to put destiny back in your hands.

Before you do, though, you must put a winning strategy in place. While there will be a degree of trial and error in some areas, others must be perfected right away. Here are five issues that you must not get wrong.

#1. How you’ll fund the business

First and foremost, you need to know that your startup has enough capital. While it is possible to register a business without big expenses, you need the fund to run the company. This could come from personal savings, bank loans, or private funding. The latter may also include crowdfunding opportunities. As well as securing the necessary capital to get your venture off the ground, you must calculate your spend. This will encourage you to make any cutbacks that may be required to avoid the threat of crashing and burning.

#2. Where you’ll work

Finding the right workspace can set the foundation for a far more efficient and successful startup. This could mean finding the perfect office, store, or factory. Whatever the setting, you will need to take several key elements into account. This ranges from the perfect location to the right layout and facilities. Of course, the rental costs must be taken into account too. In some cases, it may be possible to work from home, at least in the early phases. Either way, you must analyze all possibilities.


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#3. Who will work for you

Assembling the strongest team available should be one of the top items on your agenda. Staff productivity will have a telling influence on the company’s output and can dictate whether it resonates with people. Hiring a sales rep, for example, is hugely important. They will influence the consumer experience, which will directly impact the conversion levels. However, everyone from admin teams to manufacturers have key roles to play. Recruitment and team building are essential features that you must master ASAP.

#4. Who you’ll target

While you want to reach the biggest possible audience, you cannot expect everyone to show an interest in your products. Therefore, conducting the right level of market research is a key part of the preparation. The results will help you finalize elements of branding, marketing, and product or service selection. Outside audiences aren’t important. As long as your business makes the right impression with prospective leads, you should find your way to success far sooner. Failure to get a grip of this feature is often what lets new brands down.

#5. Whether you’ll sell online

Even local businesses can benefit from strong online marketing strategies. However, there is a big decision to make regarding whether to sell online. When you do, there will be an opportunity to reach a larger audience or look at partnerships with third-party platforms. On the other hand, your startup will subsequently face a host of new challenges. There is no single right or answer, but you must give the decision serious thought. While you can change your mind at a later date, the choice will significantly influence the first stage of your journey.