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Outsourcing involves paying other companies to take care of tasks. It can be cheaper than hiring in-house staff and you can usually guarantee that such tasks will be handled professionally. Outsourcing can be particularly useful for freeing up time spent doing complex and arduous tasks. Here are just a few time-consuming tasks that are worth outsourcing.


Every company needs to keep a clear record of earnings and expenses. A tax return must then be filed every year. Outsourcing an accountant to take over these duties can save a lot of time. It can also reduce the risk of human error so that you can ensure that you’re paying the right amount of taxes.

Managing your payroll

Employees need to be paid on time and they need to be paid the right amount. This can be another time-consuming task for many business owners. Fortunately, it’s possible to outsource this task too. A personnel services company may be able to handle your payroll for you so that you can rest easy knowing that your employees are all getting paid. These companies can also ensure benefits are being paid such as pensions, holiday pay and maternity pay.  

Handling tech issues

Tech faults can take a lot of time to self-diagnose and repair. There may even be times when they’re too complex to solve independently. Outsourcing IT support services can ensure that you’ve always got someone to call upon when there’s a tech issue. Many of these companies can work remotely, allowing them to attend to problem immediately. IT support services may also be able to offer advice on software and possibly even provide cloud services.

Answering the phone

Are you constantly having to interrupt tasks to answer phone calls? Whilst many of these phone calls could be important, they can still be an inconvenience for many business owners. Outsourcing a phone answering company allows you to get on with the core tasks of your job whilst ensuring that all phone calls are being answered. These companies will relay only the most important calls to you whilst answering general inquiries and filtering out spam calls. Outsourcing a phone answering company could also be useful if you’re rarely in the office and unable to get the phone. Some phone answering services are able to operate 24/7 giving your clients a constant point of contact.

Replying to emails

Having to reply to masses of emails can also be a chore for some business owners. Fortunately, you can outsource this task too to an email management company. They may be able to deal with most of general emails, leaving only the most important emails for you to answer personally. There are also companies that you can outsource to handle instant messaging if you currently use this.