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There is no doubt that the cost of starting your own business can easily spiral out of control. If you don’t keep a close eye on things, you may have to wind your company up before you really get started. Channeling your funds into the right areas is extremely important, so you want to look closely at parts of your business that you can outsource to external agencies and firms. So, let’s take a closer look at six of the main areas that you can outsource.


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If you plan on running a business that makes things, building a manufacturing plant is a huge expense. The cost of the plant facility, machinery and workforce will take your spending through the roof, so you need to be sure that you have the funds to back up your plans. Many businesses decide to outsource their manufacturing to other countries and companies where prices are more affordable.

Finance and Accounting

Unless you are a qualified financial specialist, there is no point in trying to do everything by yourself. Not only will this be time consuming, you are unlikely to find the savings that an accountant will be able to find for you. Freeing up this area of your business allows you to concentrate on other areas in which you are more adept at running.


Technology is a highly-complicated field and the benefits of outsourcing things like web development or managed IT solutions to external agencies are likely to far outweigh the costs. As well as managing your current technology needs, good agencies will give you advice about the areas in which you should be investing in the future.


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The day to day running of a business can easily become a headache for many new company owners, which is why they decide to outsource this task to external agencies. Even if it is simply to pass over the duty of answering the phones, you can free up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Human Resources

Human resources is a commonly overlooked area of business, but it is a department that can be invaluable. First of all, HR can take care of issues like recruitment and conflict resolution. They can also deal with things like payroll and training. Of course, an HR department is likely to be of more use to larger businesses rather than smaller ones, but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking like a big business even if you’re a solopreneur right now. 


The final area that is possible to outsource is marketing. No business can continue running without people knowing about them and having a steady stream of customers. Marketing agencies specialize in this area. If you find that you are not getting the attention that you think you deserve, this may be the part of your business that you decide to outsource first.

These six areas are among the most commonly outsourced, so you may want to assess your business needs and make an informed decision based on what you find.