Many businesses start at home. If you’ve claimed a room to use as your home office, decorating the right way could help you to feel more focused and productive. Here are some top decor tips to help you create a beautiful, functional office space to run your business from. 

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  1. Make sure your office is properly lit. Bright light boosts energy, helping you stay awake and alert while you’re working. A well lit office also reduces eye strain, so make your work space is properly lit, especially if you’re using a computer for most of the day. To bring in more light, choose light window dressings or add lamps. Move your desk next to a window to get the best natural light. 
  2. Get the right desk setup. Your desk should be the right height for you to work comfortably. Choose a sturdy desk, like a wood table top, and make sure you adjust it to fit you. Pick a desk chair that offers good back support so you can be comfortable and protect your back as you work. 
  3. A tidy workspace encourages a tidy mind. Declutter your workspace and find a proper home for everything. Try and keep your office tidy so the clutter doesn’t distract you. 
  4. Pain the walls a different color. Did you know, color can have a big impact on your mood? If you want to keep your mind active, choose blue. If you work in a creative field, choose yellow. For relaxing vibes, go with green. 
  5. Find a way to stimulate your senses. For some, the right scent can help them concentrate. Decorate your office with scented candles or a reed diffuser and see if this helps you to focus more. Citrus is great for focus, and peppermint is good for alertness. 
  6. Bring in some green. Plants give a homey touch to an office space and can improve your mood if you’re not seeing much of the outside world on your work days. Plants also boost the oxygen levels in the office, which can help you to concentrate more effectively.  
  7. Are you inspired by motivational messages? Choose cards or posters with messages that inspire you and put them up in your workspace. You could even create your own with a letter peg board or a light box. 
  8. Create storage so you can put away all your documents. Practical storage will it make easier to quickly find what you’re looking for, which makes your worth go more smoothly. Find a home for paperwork, stationery and save yourself time looking for things. 
  9. Swap your desk for an adjustable desk that can be used while standing. Sitting down all day causes your energy to drop and can cause posture problems. If you don’t like  standing desk, make sure you get up and move around regularly. Spend five minutes doing some light stretches, or dance around your office to your favourite song. Moving around frequently keeps your energy levels up, stops your back from getting tight and can help you stay upbeat and positive as you work.